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Immersive VR journeys around the world for education and healthcare

We Bring New Worlds To You 

With NRG VR, you can personalize your journey to serve you best. 

This means you can let go of outside distractions and racing thoughts as you escape into stunning landscapes and virtual worlds. Our mindful metaverse is a journey to the heart of your mind. It’s a virtual world that unlocks awe, wonder, calm, and focus in exotic locations without grabbing your passport.

Well-being, learning, and adventure are priceless gifts. Through our fully immersive content, let’s feel better and explore the world through the metaverse together. 

Choose from these experiences:

Meditation & Breathwork

Immerse yourself in a one-on-one session.  Enter a serene virtual world as a seasoned instructor leads you through transformative meditation and breathwork sessions, offering a holistic journey to inner peace and mindfulness.

Examples include: Empowerment, Selfcare, Sleep, Anxiety, Focus, How To, and Teens 14 & Up. Various types of breathwork are also offered.

Zen Journeys

Music and Nature as your calming tool.  Embark on a sensory adventure through breathtaking 360 VR views of exotic locations and baby blue waters, accompanied by soothing music, allowing you to relax,  unwind, and escape to the most tranquil corners of the world without leaving the comfort of your space.  

Examples includes: Follow Me Escapes, Drone Journeys, Zen Escapes, Underwater Adventures and more!

Voice Therapy

It feels like the voice is talking to you from within. Experience the healing power of voice therapy with expertly crafted voice-overs from professionals, guiding you through profound introspection and emotional well-being, using the art of the spoken word to foster self-discovery and mental resilience. 

Examples includes: Follow Me & Zen Escapes.